Access statement for The Barn


The position here is very special with lovely moorland views. The Barn has two storeys and is built into a slope which allows access to the outside from both the downstairs and the upstairs. It has a spacious, yet very cosy and homely feel and appeals to many of our regular customers, including some who are quite elderly. However it is an old building with inevitably some limitations with regards to access and with irregularities that mean all measurements below are only approximate. If you have any particular concerns not addressed below please do contact us.

Arrival and car parking facilities

* Car parking . There is space for 2 cars immediately outside The Barn and more space may be available by prior arrangement. The car parking area is mostly concreted and fairly level, but some bits are cobbled and care needs to be taken especially walking over the cobbles.
* The Barn maybe entered through a bedroom door (width 73cm, keyhole 107cm high).
* Alternatively the upstairs floor of The Barn may be entered via a raised patio. All around the patio are 3 steps (heights 19 – 24cm). There is then a wooden porch leading to a door (width 76cm, keyhole 67 cm high, step up to door 20cm high) and also French windows (fully opened width 120cm, opened from inside only with alan key at height 188cm)

Inside The Barn

Accommodation is on two floors: open plan kitchen, dining and living room areas upstairs with bedrooms, bathroom and utility downstairs.

Upstairs entrance lobby

* Rows of hanging pegs on the wall (heights 98cm and 159cm)
* Width of door from entrance lobby to upstairs living area 79cm
* Width of stair gate 95cm

The Stairs (leading from entrance lobby to the bedrooms, bathroom and utility room)

* Stair gates are permanently available at the top and bottom of the stairs. The stairs turn through 180 degrees with the tread of the steps thus being very short on the inner edge, but long on the outer edge. There are stair rails on both sides.
* Height of each step max 22cm
* Width of stairs min 81cm
* Tread of each step measured in the middle min 24cm

Bedroom 1 (accessed from outside and from internal corridor)

* Internal door width 70cm
* Double bed – 4ft 6in.
* Bed height 50cm floor to top of mattress.
* fitted carpet

Bedroom 2 (accessed from internal corridor)

* Door width 71cm
* 2 single beds 3 ft
* Bed height 55cm floor to top of mattress.
* fitted carpet

Bedroom 3 (accessed from internal corridor)

* Door width 72cm
* Substantial bunk beds 3 ft wide
* Bed height 51cm and 127cm floor to top of mattress
* fitted carpet

Bathroom & WC (adjacent to main bedroom and accessed from internal corridor)

* Door width 63cm
* Bath with flexible shower over
* Bath height is 57cm and length 160cm.
* Toilet seat height 45cm
* Flooring is lino
* Basin height 80cm

Utility room (accessed from internal corridor)

* Door width 72cm
* Basin height 78cm
* Toilet seat height 44cm
* Washing machine with tumble dryer stacked above it

Kitchen area

* Worktop height 93cm.
* Electric cooker with top oven door hinged on the lower edge, height of lowest shelf 64cm
* Bottom oven door is hinged on the left, height of lowest shelf 18cm
* Hob is 94cm high and halogen
* Sink is 93cm high with cupboards underneath
* Flooring is lino
* Fridge with small freezer available, highest shelf in fridge 46cm

Dining area

* Long oak table (height 80cm, length 214cm)
* Old church pew and 6 oak chairs (seat heights 46 – 48cm)

Sitting room area

* Two standard sized two-seater sofas, two arm chairs, one Parker reclining chair
* Log stove with low fire guard
* Upright piano
* TV with dvd player (on stand)
* Standard lamp, angle poise lamp, coffee table, side table etc
* French windows to patio (see details under arrival section above)

Outside The Barn

Grounds and Gardens

* To the side of The Barn is a grassed area for the use of visitors with picnic table and a bench and second table. This area is bordered by the owner’s vegetable garden; a paddock often containing hens, goats and horses; a hedge beside the lane and a stone wall beside the front courtyard. Access to the grassed area is either from the patio or via a small gate and one step (height 20cm width 101cm) adjacent to the downstairs entrance to The Barn. Both means of access to this garden area are more or less level apart from the steps already mentioned. The grass is regularly mown, but it is not a fine lawn. The grassed area slopes between the top and bottom ends and there are a few granite boulders and a rotary washing line.
* The parking area already mentioned is immediately in front of The Barn and is off the road. If the road gate is shut there is no easy access off the site although the hedges are not completely animal/children proof.
* There are farm buildings on site which are separated from the visitors’ area by gates or metal doors. Visitors are not allowed access to these buildings.

Additional Information

* Good mobile phone reception is usually obtained from the patio or garden area, but not inside The Barn.
* The procedure for the evacuation of The Barn in an emergency is in the visitor file and will be explained upon arrival.
* The Barn is for non smokers only. Smokers are requested to smoke outside or in the porch.
* A record is kept of regular checks that are carried out on possible causes of fire.

Contact Information

* Address: Old Sowtontown, Nr Peter Tavy, TAVISTOCK, Devon, PL19 9JR
* Telephone: 01822 810687
* Email:
* Website:
* Vet, doctor & dentist phone numbers are in the visitor file

Future Plans

* We will remove a pile of stones in front yard when the conversion of the ‘long barn’ into a third holiday unit is completed.

* We are pleased to have now installed a wood boiler to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and to have signed up to The Dartmoor National Park green charter. We also collect methane gas from our septic tank for our own cooking! We are now wanting to investigate further ways to ‘green’ our premises and would welcome any suggestions on this or other improvements.